Both in home and boarding options are available.

No Excuses

I offer a variety of training types…

So even the busiest people can fit training into their schedule. Each type of training isn’t going to match up with the needs of every dog though – and we’ll take a little time at your consultation to determine which training type is going to best serve the needs of you, and your dog.




All training begins with an evaluation.  We will meet together, with your dog, to review your dog’s history and to identify your concerns and training goals.  This essential information will be used to determine a plan to address your needs and accomplish your objectives.


Puppy Head Start


3 sessions of combined owner education, puppy socialization and confidence building for puppies 9-16 weeks old.  Topics covered include house training, socialization, nutrition, grooming, healthcare, first aid, exercise, obedience and addressing the owners specific concerns and issues you are having with your puppy. 


Private Lessons


Following an initial consultation and the development of a training plan, we will begin training at  my facility where I will guide you in handling and working with your dog.  We will establish good habits and effective communication with your dog.   You will then regularly practice the concepts we cover prior to the next scheduled lesson.  Success in these lessons is greatly influenced by the owners’ commitment to practice and work with their dogs between lessons.


Board and Train

$200/Day of training:

  • 3-1 Program:  3 consecutive days of training, 1 follow-up for owner & dog    

  • 5-2 Program:  5 consecutive days of training, 2 follow-ups for owner & dog

  • 10-4 Program:  10 consecutive days of training, 4 follow-ups for owner & dog

This program is designed to accelerate the training process and lay a solid foundation. Your dog will live and work with me for 3, 5 or 10 days where it will receive an immersive training experience.  The length of stay depends upon your goals, the dog’s needs, history, performance and prior training.  The advantage to Board & Train is that it provides many repetitions for your dog to learn new skills and takes the bulk of the work off of the owner. 

I will personally work with your dog and ensure it gets adequate numbers of repetitions to be successful.  Typically there will be 3-5 formal sessions throughout the day.  In addition we will practice manners and good behavior in real life situations such as during meals, on the way to the potty, while interacting with people, passing through doors, up & down stairs and around other animals.  The goal of this immersive process is to establish a clear communication system with the dog in order to facilitate its’ response to your leadership.

Upon completion of the Board and Train we will work together during Follow-Up lessons to ensure that you are comfortable with the skills and techniques necessary to maintain and expand upon the progress your dog has made.  The first Follow-Up Session will occur at the time of pick up and others to follow on a weekly basis.


All you’ve got to do to get started is REACH OUT. I would love to hear from you, and start working with you and your pup(s) to create lasting, rich relationships that will fulfill both you and them.


What my clients have to say…


Ashley & Chips

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from our 11 month old Great Dane, Chips, after the first board and train. I can say we noticed a difference in our every day life immediately! Our home is much more peaceful, and our toddler is finally feeling comfortable enough with Chips to pet him now. Can’t give Ed enough thanks!


Joe & Bodi

I started working with Ed in 2018 while my puppy was a few months old. Working with Ed was fantastic. He’s extremely passionate about his work and takes the time to help with any training needs. Ed’s focus consists of not only training the dog but training the dog owner on how to handle the dog. Ed takes the time to make sure you understand the training techniques so you can duplicate them at home when the trainer is not next to you. I’d highly recommend Ed!


Kelly & Tanner

Ed is INCREDIBLE. He worked magic on my skittish shelter dog who had never been on a leash. By the time he was done, Tanner was a new dog. Ed was also the perfect combination of firm, patient, and kind. He respects dogs, and they respect him. I cannot recommend him enough.